Saturday, October 29, 2011

On Location #3 "The Good Guys" go Downtown

Here we go again: Another episode of "The Good Guys," another Dallas shoot location. This time Thanksgiving Tower in downtown served as a bank that was going to be robbed. Here's the getaway driver's car parked out front:

Jack and Dan have the place staked out and as Jack waits in their sweet Trans Am, you can see the Press Box Grill behind him. A lot of times in TV shows and movies they don't shoot different angles of the same scene in the same location but this place really is across the street from Thanksgiving Tower.

Once the bank robbery is foiled you can notice the unique tiles that are in front of the building:

You can also see that they put up their own signage for the show ("Dallas Trust & Loan") which is not there in real life:

More shooting locations coming soon! (I'm really starting to get into this show.)

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