Saturday, October 8, 2011

Marking Time #2: World's Largest Jackrabbit

Today's Marking Time entry is the pride of Odessa, TX: The World's Largest Jackrabbit!

The marker reads:

True plains Rabbit. Lives only in the west. Burro-like ears gave him his name. color is protective, blending with sand and dry grass. Very long legs make him a swift runner, clocked at speeds to 45 miles and hour. Object of hunts with Greyhounds. Was prized by plains Indians for food and fur. to white man a reminder of desert-hard life. In drouth and depression, meat source for thousands. Subject of tall tales. Actual hero of world's only Jackrabbit Rodeo, in Odessa, May 1932.

You can see how it maintains it's "World's Largest" status by towering over geologist Devin Dennie.

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