Sunday, October 15, 2017

Dig Dug

The 30th Annual World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig in Mount Ida, Arkansas was this weekend.  Diggers come from all over the country to compete to see who can dig up the best quartz crystal point or cluster.  A few years back we shot a portion of our documentary "RockHounds: The Movie" there and this year Devin was one of the guest speakers!

Saturday morning was the Kids' Dig and tons of kids signed up to dig in the dirt to try to discover crystal treasures, have fun and just get dirty.  There's also the possibility that they might learn something...but don't tell them that.

Afterward Bill Prior from the Arkansas Geological Survey and Devin spoke to the kids about rocks, science and other fun stuff and the winners of the Kids' Dig were awarded their tophies.
This future scientist won Best Quartz Cluster (3rd grade and under category).  The World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig is a yearly event so if you missed it this year start planning now for next year.  See you at the dig!