Monday, October 24, 2011

On Location #2 "The Good Guys" in South Dallas

It's time, once again, to hit the streets and find the physical locations where our favorite TV shows and movies were shot. We're going to do another episode of the short lived Fox series "The Good Guys" (I told you there would be several of these).

In episode #4 "the Dim Knight," an out of town chemical supplier (who sells to meth labs) stops to grab a hamburger while his beleaguered translator talks on the phone.

The real location for this scene is Mr. Charlies Hamburgers on Good Latimer & Hickory in Dallas. This is not far from the Deep Ellum shooting location we mentioned earlier.

Normally I'd give a recommendation from the menu but even though I've driven past it several times I've never actually eaten there. But any place with a giant cartoon hamburger painted on the side of the building has GOT to be good.

Later our heroes Jack and Dan track a suspect to a sleazy motel. The real location for this scene is in fact, a real life sleazy motel! It's off of I-35 at Overton just south of downtown Dallas.

I had always assumed that this place had been shut down for years but when I stopped by there was a maid cleaning the rooms.

The iconic sign is easy to spot from the highway and made a great backdrop for the scene.

In the episode the boys find a guy trying to cook meth in one of the rooms. I didn't knock on any doors because it looked like a place where people would cook meth. So great job to the location scouts who picked it!

Tune in next time for some more interesting locations in your own backyard!

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