Thursday, June 28, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Latest Shoot: Smells Like Blog Spirit

Picture it: Lake Murray.  Summertime.  Geology.  It's how we roll.  Coincidentally it's also the latest EMI shoot for the documentary "Oklahoma Rocks!"

Tucker Tower Nature Center (at Lake Murray State Park) has the distinction of being the world's only coin operated Nature Center...or at least the only one we've ever found.  

A befuddled Devin Dennie contemplates the existential ramifications of a lack of pocket change:

50 cents later we were swimming in footage aplenty.  Personally I thought the idea of a coin operated turnstile was a charming throwback...and much more satisfying than the claw game (or crane game, if you will).

At this point in production we are just getting "pickup shots," which just means we are in the middle of editing and are picking up the extra shots that the film needs.  So this was a fairly quick one.

We got in.  We got footage.  We got out.

Take a closer look at the picture of Devin above.  Due to the short notice nature of this shoot and that Devin had previously lost his hat (see the SE Oklahoma Shoot Blog for details), we had to use one the older, cat urine soaked hats.  It's not exactly preferable but at least now we'll have an anecdote for the audio commentary.

So enjoy the view and the next time you see Devin try and act like he doesn't smell like cat urine (that's what I do).

More pics on the website: