Friday, December 29, 2006

Latest Shoot: The Truth is Out There

I think it was the great Professor Henry Jones Jr. who once pontificated upon the importance of the distinction between "truth" and "facts."  The latest shoot for "Oklahoma Rocks!" became an exercise in a "Fox Mulder-esque" search for the truth, while trying to not let the facts slow us down.

So this time it was the southeast region of Oklahoma that begged us to shoot it.  And how could we say no?

The first thing that got my attention in pre-production was the abundance of Bigfoot sightings in the area.  Bigfoot?  The Bigfoot?  I had to search for this particular truth first.  Unfortunately, help was not to be found:

I was tempted (like, I assume, so many before me) to dress Devin up in an ape costume and get some out-of-focus shots of him walking through the woods.  The only thing that stopped me was that I knew if he asked me why we'd do something so stupid and pointless, I wouldn't have a good answer for him.  

So the truth about Bigfoot will have to wait.

Heavener Runestone State Park has its own mystery:  a large stone with odd inscriptions.  Some claim that they were done by Vikings (yeah, Vikings in Oklahoma) while others claim that that probably isn't true.

Fact=There is a big rock with weird writing on it
You be the judge:

Controversy abounds at our next stop.  Cavanal Hill in Poteau, OK is billed as "The Worlds Highest Hill."  Although some claim that it is just a really small mountain.

So...hill or mountain?  And what exactly does the "88" on that rock mean?  Or is it a sideways double infinity symbol?  Or a part of some bizarre Bigfoot mating ritual?  Questions remain unanswered and the truth remains elusive.

There are many truths that we cling to.  For the people of Durant, OK, the pride of having the World's Largest Peanut gives them a cloak of truth in which to warm themselves.  

At first I was a little disappointed when our shooting schedule didn't allow us to stop and shoot it.  But then those pesky facts got in the way and I learned how flexible the truth really is.  Just ask the people of Ashburn, GA.  Now I don't feel so bad.

Oh yeah, also, Devin lost his hat.  So, the truth is out there...and so is a missing brown fedora.

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