Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Location #31 - TNT's Dallas Episodes 3 & 4

It's time for another visit with the Ewing clan and a look at the locations behind their wacky shenanigans.  In episode 3 of the new Dallas, trouble maker Cliff Barnes takes a trip to Big D and stays at the Omni Hotel downtown:

This shot was taken near the former Reunion Arena parking lot.  Note the WFAA Tower/Antenna thing which has popped up in Walker, Texas Ranger and the movie State Fair.

Later, John Ross goes to visit his attorney to further his various evil schemes.  You can see the Crescent Hotel behind him.

His lawyer's office must be in the International Center/Rolex Building.  That building's parking lot is where I got this shot:

And while he didn't pick up a watch there he does get a pretty nice one in the next episode.  His crazy girlfriend/co-schemer/business partner takes him to the Neiman Marcus flagship store in downtown in the middle of the night (because they'll open right up for bigwigs like the Ewings):

The store is world famous but I didn't go in to take interiors pictures out of fear of getting dirty looks from the snooty staff (although that may be an unfair characterization on my part since I have no idea if the staff is snooty or not).

Like many downtown Dallas building this one has some history.  It also has its own sweet historical marker:

More Ewing hijinks coming soon!

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