Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Location #32 - TNT's Dallas Episodes 5 & 6

 It's time to check in with the Ewings again as they swagger across Texas with their wheelin' and dealin' ways.  In the fifth episode John Ross needs to have another of his beloved "secret meetings in VERY public places."  We've seen him pull this move at Cowboys Stadium and at the State Fair of Texas.  This time he picks One Arts Plaza in downtown Dallas to meet with his private detective.

If you ever go there yourself and you have a camera then you will most likely be accosted by the building's security in about 30 seconds.  At least that's what happened to me. 

Like this episode, the next episode is also light on location shooting (lots of scenes at Southfork, various offices, etc.) but it does give us one of several views of the South Side Apartments where Rebecca lives.  I think, based on the view from his windows, that this is also where John Ross lives.  I guess they are neighbors.  Maybe he recommended it to her when she got kicked off the ranch.  That would have been nice of him.

So there's you're latest look at how the Ewings live, work and have secret meetings.  More coming soon!

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