Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On Location #22 - Walker, Texas Ranger Episode 1, Part 1

Big day today! We're starting a new "Ongoing Feature Within an Ongoing Feature"! 
We got a hold of every singly episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" and we're going to track down the filming locations for each episode as a part of our ongoing feature "On Location."  Let's start with episode #1.  It involves a team of serial bank robbers and here is one of the first banks they robbed:
This is actually not a bank at all but the Jolliff Parking Garage at 512 S. Jackson Street on the southwest end of downtown Dallas (note the WFAA tower/antenna in the background):

After killing an unfortunate Ranger who tried to stop them, the robbers escaped in their sweet station wagon and took a right onto Wood Street which would take them into straight into the circular Reunion Blvd. 

Not the best escape.  They were probably trying to get to I-35.

But somehow they did escape and the poor Ranger lay dead on the street... front of the George L. Allen Sr Courts Building (note the concrete steps):
But that's only the beginning of this episode's story!  Coming up next:  a high speed car chase in downtown Dallas!

And for more info on the Texas Rangers, check out this video we shot awhile back at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum:

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