Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Geo-RoadTrip 2014: Breakfast in the Hills

We don't always post about the restaurants where we eat on these trips but occasionally we find one post-worthy.  For example, the Alabama Hills Cafe was a great find and our last stop in Lone Pine, CA.  Not just for the food but for the geologic ambience.  They are smart enough to take advantage of their namesake hills for a little educational decor:

There are some handy references on the walls to some of the more famous and unique rock formations in the area and even some artistic interpretations:

The previous day we had gotten a picture of the "Visible Man" (also known as the "Monster Rock") which you can see on the bottom row, in the middle or in this pic:

It's one of the easier ones to find since it's right along the road to the hills and, of course, the face painting.

But at this point you're probably wondering, how is the food?  The cafe has its own bakery and even the toast is handmade.  It's, hands down, the best breakfast in town.  Check out that morning's special: Shrimp, tomato, mushroom and spinach scramble with fresh fruit:

Definitely worth the drive through the desert.  Next up, we head further into California!

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