Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stuff We Saw in Charlotte Part 5 - Gold Rush

Earth science is clearly in our wheelhouse.  Many people don't realize how much ground that covers.  But if you look, you'll be able to find it.  Where did we find it in Charlotte?  We struck gold at our next stop, The Wells Fargo History Museum.

These samples are similar to the types of gold that 19th century prospectors sold to Wells Fargo.  According to the display gold sold for about $17 an ounce.  Several creative exhibits gave more information about gold including its infamous heaviness:

Visitors can lift up each sample from the bottom to get a comparative feel of heftiness compared to copper, silver and lead.  Which leads to the old time processing methods used to get the gold into something more recognizable:

So we see the final product to the delight of pirates and treasure hunters everywhere:

Tune in again for more Charlotte stuff!  (Probably snow related)

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