Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stuff We Saw in Charlotte Part 3 - Welcome to the Jungle

Not every day in Charlotte, NC can be 65 degrees and sunny.  Weather, as it does, can and will change and that's what happened to us.  It's the type of thing that changes something like this:

Into something like this:

What a difference a day makes.  All this wintery mix made us crave the kind of warmer climates that attract lizards, reptiles, amphibians and bugs of the tropical variety.  They always seem to know the cool places (or rather warm places) to hang out.

Stumbling into the Discovery Place was serendipitous since their handy rainforest exhibit was ready to warm me up.

We were even able to share our weather woes with this slightly out of focus turtle (and his friend).  I'd like to think his name is Jimmy or something similar:

More Charlotte shenanigans coming tomorrow!

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