Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Stuff We Saw in Charlotte Part 4 - Hot Dog

Exploration can be strenuous.  It takes a lot of energy to walk the streets of Charlotte with nothing but a camera and a healthy dose of curiosity.  Refueling is essential as thoughts turn from the sights to the flavors of the Queen City.  Local eateries vie for the attention of weary travelers like us with an array of aromas competing for the lunchtime dollar.

But nothing beats the best.  And according to this neon (the best source of info) we found the best:

Green's Lunch is Charlotte's Oldest restaurant.  They've been at it since 1926 and they know what they're doing.  Hot dogs are their specialty but their menu also includes  burgers, sandwiches and salad.  They're also known for their breakfast including livermush.

Inside there is not an ounce of pretension.  Blue collar and white collar customers, brought together by their shared love of good food, enjoy lunch side by side.  Order at the counter and within minutes you'll have a mouthful of history.

And this is what all the fuss is about:  A couple of Cheese Dogs with the works.  That includes mustard, ketchup, homemade cole slaw, freshly chopped onions (no onions on mine though) and their secret homemade chilli.

Lunchtime well spent.  Stop by tomorrow for another helping of Charlotte, NC!

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