Sunday, November 6, 2011

Record 5.6 Oklahoma Earthquake Wrap Up

Last night Oklahoma had their biggest earthquake on record. Since we missed out on it here in North Texas we thought we'd do a wrap up of the online activity that came about from the Great Quake of 2011.

Starting off with some social networks, our own Devin Dennie was quick to express his unbridled excitement:

Oklahoma based comic book artist Paul Milligan was caught by surprise:

J.C. Chang, a Norman, OK based geo-scientist was all over the quake on twitter last night:

And he posted this picture from the Oklahoma City seismic station:

KJRH posted that there were no reported injuries (which is always good to hear) and mentioned the damage in Lincoln County:

Which was also covered by CNN they re-posted this video from KWTV:

But some of the best video may be Kirk Herbstreit's reaction as he experiences the quake on lived TV:

And finally, sometimes you just have to try to take things in stride...just like Jake the Great:

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