Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On Location #6 - Raven's Pharmacy

Once again we had back to the streets of Dallas to track down another filming location for the short lived Fox series "The Good Guys." This time we end up at the semi-historic Raven Pharmacy which is in south Dallas on Jefferson Street and N. Adams Ave between Llewellyn and Bishop.

In the episode the store is robbed by some would-be thieves who botch the robbery and have to flee quickly (or else get ventilated by the clerk's shotgun). When they rush out you can see a few of the other businesses across Jefferson Street.

They quickly jump in their van and make their escape by heading east toward Bishop Ave.

So there ya have...short and sweet. I'm almost out of "Good Guys" episodes so you'll only have to put up with a few more of these and then I'll switch to movies.

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