Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Location #10 - Go West

This time we head out to the Big Bend area of west Texas to find our next filming location. Big Bend Ranch State Park contains what seems to be a deserted village but in actuality it is a completely fake movie set.

"Contrabando" was built for a film called "Uphill All the Way" but we today we'll look at it being featured in "Streets of Laredo" which was the sequel to "Lonesome Dove."

A lot of the movie takes place in "Ojinaga, Mexico" and the hovel seen in the background here:

And here we are getting some video of it:

Here's a wide shot from the film showing off more of the village:

And a similar shot with us visiting. You can see that a small church has been added to the background and other small changes but the mountains remain the same:

And you may ask, what were we shooting while we were there? I'm glad you asked. Here is the video we shot that shows off the movie set and explains some of the science behind the geology of the area and why it looks so darn cool:

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