Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flashback: Rock City 1982

Back the Delorean into the Tardis and prepare calculations for slingshotting around the sun because we're about to go time traveling.  While scanning old photo albums for posterity, we found great pics and memorabilia from a trip to the 1982 World's Fair.  During the many stops along the way, our group of fun seeking travelers made several stops and one of them was at an interesting geologic destination.

"Rock City" near Chattanooga, TN contains outcrops, cliffs and great views and was celebrating its Golden Anniversary in 1982 so it was a perfect time to stop by.  Check out these early '80's brochures to see what the place had to offer:

You might have noticed the inclusion of various fairy tale characters in various locations.  Those are the residents of Rock City's "Fairyland Caverns" and of course our plucky group had to check it out:

And they made sure to pick up the postcards to go with their pics:

After visiting the fairy tale creatures in the cavern, the gang headed out to get a better view of the area and that included a walk across the "Swing-Along Bridge":

If it looks like a great view to you then check out this marker that the gang photographed that shows just exactly how much visitors can see from on high:

But enough of the touristy stuff!  Let's see some rocks!

The good news is that while this seems like a classic, old school roadside destination that can only be seen in post cards and old pictures, you can actually still visit today!  According to their website, they still have all the cool stuff from the '80's as well as some new stuff so plan your summer road trip accordingly.

Hopefully we'll get there some day to shoot some video and maybe smash a penny or two.

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