Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dino Food: Jurassic World Fruit Snacks

Welcome to "Dino Food," our new semi-regular feature (not to be confused with Geology Candy or Geology Kitchen) where we take a look at dinosaur related snack treats.

The next installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, may still be months away but the barrage of merchandise has already started.  One of the most tried and true promotional tie-ins is the Fruit Snack.  Every great franchise has delved into this high fructose Wonderland and today you can fill your shopping cart and your belly with these suckers: 

Now when it comes to passing judgement on a new fruit snack, taste is not an issue.  They all taste the same.  No, it all comes down to shapes: variety, design, appearance, relevance, etc.  I mean you don't want to open up a box of dinosaur shaped candy and not find anything dinosaur related.  Well, good news:

Let's break them down one by one:
  • "T. rex" (orange) - no surprise there.  He's the big man on the dinosaur campus and the star of the first movie.  We got a good full body shot of him here.
  • "Pteranodan" (red/cherry) - Flying dinosaurs are always a hit.  It took awhile to get them into the JP franchise and I wouldn't be surprised to see some in the new movie
  • "Triceratops" (green/lime) - We just get the head but let's face it, the second most popular dinosaur has a very distinctive head.  Can't blame Kellogg's for that.
  • "Roar" (yellow/lemon) - This is clearly just another way to get a T-Rex-like shape into the mix.
  • "Raptor Claw" (purple/grape) - When you think "raptor," you think "raptor claw."  But this is a three toed foot which doesn't feature the distinctive curved claw that Alan Grant used to threaten a young boy's genitals in the first movie.  It could be several different types of dinosaur claws.
  • "Fossil" (blue/blue raspberry?) - A nice nod to the science behind studying dinosaurs and it definitely fits in with the JP themes.  Although, c'mon, here we go with the T-Rex thing again...
Now occasionally there is a miscommunication with the marketing and promotional people and some spoilers can slip through in the merchandise before the movie comes out.  Unfortunately we didn't get any of that this time.  There has been talk of some new super mutant dinosaur in the new movie but it looks like he didn't make the cut for the fruit snacks.  Maybe he'll be in the cereal.      

Don't forget to sneak a box in to the theater when you see the movie this summer!

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