Thursday, September 26, 2013

Geo-Roadtrip 2013: Pit Stop Pt. 1

Not too far from our last stop was the Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine.  It's one of the largest open pit iron mines in the world and is still in operation.

The mine is three miles long, two miles wide and 535 feet deep.  There's a great overlook, a nice little interpretive center and admission is free.  Can't beat that.  It's a definite "must stop" if you are in the area.

While the mine is no longer at it's peak, it still produces iron ore taconite (which, unfortunately, is not pronounced as "Taco Night.")  Although I still sometimes say it that way.

They've got lots of taconite samples on display as well as other displays inside.  You can even buy some souvenir samples in a display jar but be prepared to have a conversation about them with security at the airport.

And there's a ton of mining stuff outside which we will get to in our next blog entry.  Video coming soon too!

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