Monday, January 7, 2013

On Location #36 - Walker, Texas Ranger Eps #7 & #8

It's time to check in again with the kickingest, punchingest Ranger in all of Texas.  Episode 7 starts off with Walker showing off his rodeo skills at the Mesquite Arena in Mesquite, TX:


After an invigorating session of bull riding and autograph signing, Walker takes the time to foil an armed robbery by some rodeo clowns (literally, rodeo clowns).  

You can see from the picture below that the arena has changed quite a bit (it's now called the Resistol Arena)  but the ticket booth is still out front, it's just covered with an awning now:


The investigation (of whatever it was they were instigating) led them to Lone Eagle Discount Liquor:

Goody-Goody Liquor filled in for "Lone Eagle.  It's in Dallas on Greenville Avenue:

The next episode features a wacky prisoner transfer which takes them to to the small town of Palmer, TX (in Ellis Country, south of Dallas along I-45):

There, they take a pit stop at a mechanic's place which is housed in the historic Magnolia building:

Later they end up in the downtown area, which doubled as a police station:

Today there is a series of small town-esque shops and whatnot in the area:

As usual, there's a fair amount of jumping through windows and general fisticuffs.  This was kind of Trivette's (Walker's partner) episode so he got some good licks in:

Some of the design aspects of the buildings have change but the overall structure has remained the same:

So if you ever find yourself in Palmer, TX you'll have a factoid or two to share with your traveling companions.  (They also shot part of Tender Mercies here too.)

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Big Tex said...

There's also a goof with this episode too, in one part of the episode, a character mentions he was outside of Longview (a town in Gregg County, Texas, 127 miles eastward), yet when they're at the gas station (presumably Longview) you can see an I-45 shield in the background.