Monday, November 12, 2012

On Location #33 - Walker, Texas Ranger Eps 5 & 6

It's time to ride shotgun with Walker again as we wade through episodes 5 & 6 of season 1.  We're doing two episodes because both had few locations (at least few that I can find).
In episode # 5 Walker heads to a rough and tough biker bar to pretend to arrest his partner who is undercover as a rough and tough biker.
The location seems to be Strokers on Harry Hines which you might also recognize from Tru TV's show "Ma's Roadhouse" or from our recent ("Dino Sighting").  It looks a lot different now but the address number, which is visible in the episode matches up.
In the episode 6 Alex gets kidnapped (or something) and Walker has to go to her apartment to check on her.  Apparently she lives in a loft on Main Street in Deep Ellum.

The ornate tile art was a dead giveaway for this location and is still there, which fits in nicely with the artsy/hippie vibe that Deep Ellum has:

Two more episodes down, many many more to go!

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Unknown said...

Hey would you happen to know where the cult camp was in Episode 6? They mentioned it was around Decatur and I'm also curious about what it is today