Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Location #25 - Walker, Texas Ranger Episode 2

All right Chuck Norris fans, it's time to delve into episode #2 of Walker, Texas Ranger!  Most cop show cops seem to have a lady A.D.A. friend/occasional love interest and Walker is no different.  This episode's story involves a guy getting out of jail and stalking Alex, Walker's  A.D.A. friend/occasional love interest, because she help prosecute him and blah, blah've seen the plot before.

(He's played by prolific character actor Leon Rippy who you might recognize from Deadwood or as one of the unfrozen guys they woke up in that first season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation or as the guy that shoveled horse manure on Doc and Chavez in Young Guns II.)

He takes a job driving a funky retro cab (which I still see driving around Deep Ellum from time to time) and the cops trail him:

He switches places with his buddy who then pulls out onto Pearl St. headed toward San Jacinto (maybe he was headed to Woodall Rogers to get to either Hwy 75 of I-35):

Now is a good time to mention that Walker's main base of operations seems to be the Tarrant County Courthouse:

It shows up in most episodes but rather than show it over and over in every blog entry I'll just mention it in this one.  For you history buffs, here's the building's Texas Historical Marker:

So later in the episode the bad guy, with the help of some flash grenades and tear gas, kidnaps Alex in broad daylight while dressed as a cop:

And this is done at the Tarrant County Courthouse:

Walker's partner Trivette does what he does best and opens fire into a crowded street:

Looks like he had made it across the street to the bank but the bad guy still gets away.

Don't worry though, they get him at his nondescript cabin in the woods whose location I am not about to try and track down.

And roll credits...

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