Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the News

Here are some links to some recent interesting news stories:

First, Chilean paleontologists have found the fossilized remains of what they believe to be a bird that has the longest wingspan on record.
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Also, the first complete topographic map of the moon and its craters has revealed details of billions of years of bombardment by asteroids, and the early history of our solar system.
Click HERE to read the story.

And recently there was some rare meteorological activity in the Brooklyn area of New York resulting in tornadoes. That's interesting enough but during the "tornado fever" Time Magazine's blog mistakenly posted a photo from 1976 (which they got from Twitter).
Click HERE to read the story.

We all get excited about freaky weather so I guess we can cut them some slack. Below is some amateur video footage that shows how quickly the weather rolled in:

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