Sunday, January 6, 2008

Peanuts Envy

Life is all about regret.  For example, I regret that I am still waiting for some graphics to be made so that we can finish "Oklahoma Rocks!"  But that's not the only thing that's been keeping me tossing and turning lately.

Some might remember that in a past blog I lamented the fact that while shooting in the area (for "Oklahoma Rocks!...coming soon!  I swear!), we were unable to stop in Durant, OK to get footage of their "World's Largest Peanut."

Now for most people that would have been that.  But the free time that comes with waiting for graphics (Finish my @!$%&ing graphics already!!  You know who you are!) is a harsh bedfellow on a boring Saturday morning.  So I decided my peanut itch must be scratched.

Before we go any further, Durant's dirty little secret needs to be addressed.  No, their peanut is actually not the "World's Largest."  A larger legume looms over the people of Ashburn, GA.  However I submit that there is a certain small town charm inherent in out-and-out lying about a minor accomplishment and/or tourist attraction.  (Although in Durant's defense they probably didn't know about Ashburn when they made their peanut monument.)

Anyway, enough talk!  Behold:

Sure it's a  big peanut and it would be easy to think that it's the "World's Largest" if you didn't follow the exploits of the "World's Largest This" or "World's Largest That" like I do (or at the very least, an internet connection).  It's certainly not what you would call a "small peanut."  So maybe it's time we cut Durant a break.

Now in my opinion one of the best things a small town can have is a theme.  And while Durant doesn't have a series of peanut street vendors or peanut themed muffler shops, what they do have is this:

The Peanut Shoppe.  Guess what they sell there.  Guess what I bought there.

These guys know how to celebrate the peanut.  Peanut brittle (which I also got), peanut butter, peanut candy...George Washington Carver would approve.

Sure they have the standard candies, sauces and jalapeno relishes (somebody buys it...I've just never met them) but here, the peanut is king.  And pity anyone who points out that it is neither a "pea" nor a "nut."

Have a virtual visit if you like:

I'd like to say I learned a lot from the experience but I mostly just learned how to shell and eat peanuts while driving 70 mph down the highway with a minimum of collateral damage.  That'll just have to be enough. 

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