Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Location #34 - TNT's Dallas Episode #7

Tracking down Dallas filming locations is definitely bittersweet these days since the passing of Larry Hagman and with the question of how his absence will affect the future of the show.  But we soldier on with episode 7.

Whenever one of the Ewings is arrested (which, of course, happens frequently) they are sent to the Jack Evans Police Headquarters:

Bobby earned a trip here for pimp-slapping Skinner from the X-Files.  The building is directly across the street from the bar where John Ross and Christopher sometimes hang out and a block or two over from the South Side Apartments where Rebecca (and possibly John Ross) live.

Later John Ross and Elena are felling a little peckish and it was time to get their burger on so they headed to the Twisted Root Burger Company in the Deep Ellum area (near downtown Dallas):

The burgers here are really good (I recommend the Buffalo Burger) but they don't come with fries.  You have to order them on the side and I hate that!  Come on guys, you know everybody wants fries with their burger.

So when John Ross thinks he spies his crazy-lady business partner/girlfriend/enemy he rushes outside:

And looks at the cage which is apparently on the side of the restaurant:

In the light of day you can see that it's not a cage but a fenced in dining area for eating outside:

All this talk about burgers has made it very likely that I'll be heading to Twisted Root for lunch today.  But before we go, and since we are on the topic of the Deep Ellum area, here's a quick video we shot of our pal Jesse James Arnold.  He's a local historian and here he recounts his experiences as a child visiting Deep Ellum:

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