Monday, October 29, 2007

Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience

A very well needed rest was taken this past weekend. The movie is almost finished but while I'm waiting for some graphics to get done (cough cough hurry up with my graphics cough) I did what any normal person would do to relax: go watch several dinosaurs trample around a hockey/basketball arena.

Yes, the "Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience" came to town. If you're not familiar, here's their website.

Through puppetry, robotics, acrobatics and heavy handed narration, dinosaurs are brought to life for our amusement. A "paleontologist" walks the audience through various names, characteristic and traits of several dinosaurs as the creatures themselves walk around the arena and attack each other. You can tell the guy is a paleontologist because:

A) He is wearing the Paleontologist Vest™
B) The first word out of his mouth was "Bones!"

It's kind of like the animal shows you might see at Sea World...except with dinosaurs...some of whom get eaten.

Some people have criticized the show for not being too heavy with the science but I think it was probably more earth science than the seven years olds in the audience usually get on a day out.

The larger dinosaurs were mounted on a type of base the moved them around even though their legs moved to give the appearance of actually walking. The smaller ones (raptors and such) seemed to be large dinosaur costumes that were worn by a person. You could clearly see the person's legs in-between the dinosaur legs so you could get a good idea of how each of them worked.

Although it doesn't take long to ignore those minor details and start having some "Dinosaurs...kewl!" moments. An impressive level of realism was maintained. Also, the triceratops pooped.

Anyhoo, enough of this frivolity. Back to editing...

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